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Friday, 4 March 2016

Trial Books and One Well Registered Print.

I made up three of small trial seed prints into books as an exercise in binding, 2 case bound and one stab stitch. I made a quick cover design and the results are not bad. I will improve. Hopefully before I have to submit final work. What that will be is still a mystery to me but the more I make the clearer my ideas become.


I was thinking about the next stage of plant growth and made a small seedling print which might be included in one of the final books. The most exciting thing was to actually get a decent registration on one print.



Awesome registration Val…:)


franinoz said...

This is fascinating! Thanks, Val

sharp green pencil said...

Thanks so much. Its a hard slog. If I had known how frustrating printmaking was I might not have started, but getting there slowly!