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September Sketches 2

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Monday 14 September 2015

September Sketches 2

Week 2 of my half hour A4 sketches and they are a mixed bag. At the moment they are very random, sometimes from memory, sometimes from what is in front of me. Great for just getting colours and ideas visualised…however roughly. And it’s an opportunity to play with different techniques and new materials.

It’s quite a challenge to keep to half an hour and I am having to simplify things and work quickly with bigger brushes.. There is no time to faff. ( that’s good for me). It’s a bit like the Sketchbook in a Day project ..That’s something else I am going to do again soon.
Watercolours are annoyingly slow to dry so am using more gouache.


Today Monday. just a page of shapes looking out of the window at the garden.

It was a great little exercise in just looking at shapes and greens.I am thinking much more about prints these days and the simplification is really useful.


Sunday Rabbits 13th: In the quiet early morning rabbits leap across the cycle path. There was a small black rabbit. too. I have seen a few round the reservoir over the past year or two. I guess domesticate ones make the occasional bid for freedom. I can understand that.


Sat 12th Spider: It’s a spider time of year. This sketch is a rough for a “September” print for the “Bird Cherry” book. These big stripy spiders are everywhere at the moment. Also the monster spider that lives behind the fire in the front room is back.. oh dear. I am still struggling with the stupid fear of large spiders.


Jenny and 5000 miles ..


Friday 11th: Tattoo. A man on the bus yesterday had a simple old fashioned swallow tattoo, with a girls name in the banner. A sailor having done his 5000 miles would have a swallow would an an ex prisoner…..


Thursday 10th Yale : An afternoon in Cambridge. A sketch of one of the “Yales” over the entrance to Christchurch College. Yales are gloriously odd spotty mythological creatures.


Wed 9th: Bird Cherry leaves and seeds. I have to think about my bird cherry tree for Tree Following this week.


Tuesday 8th Sept:  The straw bales have been moved. The excess straw piled up and burnt off. Harvesting this summer has continued late into the night. They used to burn the stubble fields. Spectacular snaking stripes of brilliant fire in the twilight following the lines of the harvest. This was just a patch of bright flames against the dark woodland. I have used pastels for this one. I am not very keen on pastels but sometimes I feel guilty when I buy materials and don’t use them (often)

The MA course starts again soon… a slight feeling of panic is setting in .. must do more work ..:)



Blogger Normandie said...

Lovely post as always - with such a range of subjects. I enjoyed your comments about stubble-burning... around 1980, I regularly travelled to Wiltshire from London and in the late autumn, I'd sit staring out of the window into the dusky dark fields and watch shadowy silhouettes moving up and down a line of fire. It always looked so primitive and part of the essential ritual of the seasons. I was sad when stubble burning was banned, though I appreciated the reasons.

Best wishes, Carole

15 September 2015 at 10:31  
Blogger sharp green pencil said...

Hi Normandie.. Loved the old stubble burning days.. so evocative and eerie in the half light of smoke and dusk ... you are so right about an essential ritual. Like garden bonfires. Those too seem to be an endangered species.
Thank you for your much appreciated and I have to say rather poetic comment! Makes me want to do more stubble burning drawings.

18 October 2015 at 15:26  

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