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Monday, 7 September 2015

September Daily Sketchbook

I’m back to the good discipline of keeping a daily note/sketchbook.This time my September plan is to make some sort of A4 sketch/pattern/colour note every day. It has to be in colour and the colour has to fill the page. It has to take no more than about half an hour.
In the last two Easton workshops we had been considering backgrounds …even if you decide not to have one. Sometimes its easier to just paint/draw on the white paper. Printmaking has made me think more about the backgrounds. Even if its just the detail. This month should be interesting. 

Outdoor sketching in …yes… sun!!It has seemed rare this summer.

The First 7 Sketches


Today: Monday morning early. A little egret flew alongside me as I cycled by the reservoir. I was reminded of Florida.


Garden 2: Weekend Sun


Starlings: They never fail to entertain. They are very spotty at the moment.


Grey Reservoir Day


Straw Bales: Harvest is nearly all in.


Lilac Bergamot: some last blooms outside my workroom window.


Garden 1.

The garden is just on the turn from Summer to Autumn. Yellows,deep black greens in the shade, ochre greens of the turning leaves, lilacs and purples of late chives, monarda and little asters.
It seemed a good place to start.


Caroline Gill said...

A wonderful selection, and I particularly love the graceful energy of the Little Egret.

sharp green pencil said...

Hi Caroline the egrets are quite beautiful, delicate and like little ghosts, so quiet. There are quite a few on the reservoir now. Today lots of black and white ducks. They look like bath ducks. :)