"There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion" Francis Bacon 1561-1626


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Friday, 31 January 2014

The Thing

Sketch Week: Day 4
I try to walk most days and have only missed two since Christmas. Yesterday it was dull with misty drizzle. The sweet woodsmoke from the houses lay heavy in the lanes. In these dark afternoons the woods smell warm, peaty and mossy. It is somehow comforting. 

Colours are subdued and monochrome, so the old white spiral tree protectors shine out. They are mostly split now as the trees have expanded.  Some blow about in the undergrowth or like this one have been assimilated into the tree structure. In this case two trunks have grown very close together trapping the protector as it split. I have a few pieces of these curled shapes, they are lovely to draw. 

A trick of perspective gave this one a wan face, a poor trapped thing, its grasping arms never again to meet, as the tree relentlessly expands.


A5 sketchbook


Katy McCoy said...

ASs picturesque as this is, I would be trying to remove the white stuff. I can't stand it when this sort of stuff is incorporated into the tree....

Sandy Walker said...


You are an inspiration. I am so glad that you walk every day, and that you take notice of the life around you and record it in your sketchbook.

A few years back when you lived in Orlando my husband purchased a Dremel tool from you. When he came home with his prize he told me about your drawings and your work space. I knew right away he had to be talking about you, since I had been following your beautiful blog and knew that you had done a lot of work with bees and insects, and that you lived in my town.

We have since moved from Orlando to Indiana. For the last month, though, I have been back to Orlando to care for my daughter, who has dealt with a serious health issue. In my present circumstances I am away from my home, my work and my art studio. I have only a sketch pad and a variety of Micron pens to keep me occupied.

So I have a renewed interest in drawing, designing, recording my thoughts, vision and inspirations on paper in black and white. It is a unique and very special time for me here.

So thank you for you faithfulness to draw, write and blog. I am a big fan.

sharp green pencil said...

Hi Katy...thanks very much for your comment. I do sympathise :) They can look like litter. But I don't find them picturesque (that's a loaded word!!) just interesting as shapes. You have got me thinking about the meaning of "The Picturesque" now. It's an interesting and complicated aesthetic!

Hi Sandy...I do remember very well!In fact I was considering another dremel the other day. They are just so very useful! Thanks very much for your support. A sketch pad and pen is such an easy and non fussy way to work and perfect for recording. Indiana must be a bit different from FLA :). Hope your time in lovely Orlando gives you time to progress your work. My time drawing at Leu Gardens was one of my happiest times. Drawing and learning about plants...and in the sun! Heaven!