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Monday, 3 September 2012

Week 1 Visual Notes

Its been a bitty and frustrating short week for my new resolution to make some sort of visual note every day. Bank Holidays, Weddings, Birthdays and Flower festivals.. but excuses always sound pathetic.  I’m just posting what I did manage to do.

TUES: sky and light plane up by road walk.

sk1 bg

WED: a non sketch day due to day visit at Bletchley Park. Thoughts about pencils… more to follow…

THURS: excellent morning walking with Sue and her lovely dog Poppy. A quick landscape and wobbly sketch of black faced sheep. 30th August  bg wobbly sheep bg

FRI: beautiful warm day, walk up to visitor centre and sketch people

people31st1 bg copy

and Sam’s tree and gate..

.31st Aug 1bg 

SAT: Nothing ! … due to just having a good time  :)

SUNDAY: Church Flower Festival and recovering from SAT’s good time…so only small note re headstones from fascinating talk about our little church. These are some of what I call the  “The Lost Ones”, headstones buried in the undergrowth on the margins of the churchyard.

the lost ones  bg

Unfortunately the presence of tea and cakes prevented more drawing. Cake always wins over drawing.


Maria said...

Ok, so I love your finished drawings. But I'm so loving your sketches!! Your blog is always a total diversion from my everyday work, but I so look forward to your posts!

I used to draw, then I went to a fancy art school and got the soul squeezed out of me. Your sketches are such inspiration! An extension of how your brain sees the world.


sharp green pencil said...

Hi there Maria and thank you so much. I too am very fond of the sketches, not on the day I do them but afterwards. It is also very interesting seeing what I am almost subconciously choosing to draw...Those fancy art schools have a lot to answer for. I hope you can get back into some drawing just for the sheer enjoyment of it.