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Buzz at Yewbarrow House in Cumbria

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Wednesday 1 August 2012

Buzz at Yewbarrow House in Cumbria

This Sunday 5th August, my Buzz bees and I will be up in Cumbria at Yewbarrow House Gardens. I am so pleased to be able to show the bees at this wonderful venue which will be open from 11 to 4 as part of the National Garden Scheme. Here is a plan of the gardens from their excellent website.

Garden map

I do hope I have time to  wander round the Gardens especially because the owner Jonathan Denby has an interest in bees! In July 2009 he exhibited his award winning “Beekeepers Garden”at the Hampton Court Flower Show. 

Jonathan, like many others, is concerned about the plight of bees and  kept a blog about, The Beekeepers Garden, and here he explains what was behind the planning and design.


“We want to encourage every gardener either to keep bees or to grow plants which are attractive to bees. The Beekeeper’s Garden is filled with plants which are attractive to bees- plants of all kinds: flowers, fruit, vegetables and herbs.
The garden is entered via a wrought-iron pergola which, most unusually, is completely enveloped in climbing vegetables. A path leads to the central feature of the garden, which is an Apiary, which was inspired by a sketch in Victorian garden writer Shirley Hibberd’s journal. The Apiary is fronted by a pebble-mosaic by Maggy Howarth and is flanked by espaliered apple trees and an apple orchard. Apple trees have been chosen as a central feature of the garden as the apple crop is dependent upon bee pollination and is under threat because of the decline in the bee population.
The theme of the garden, to echo the words of William Morris, is that it will contain nothing which we do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

You can see a film of the BBC’s review of the garden on the Yewbarrow website here.
Beekeepers G shoot 
A shot of the finished garden from Shoot Gardening Website. Their excellent review also has a plant list.  Go here to see and read more more

Part of the Beekeeper’s Garden is now at Yewbarrow.  Here is the relocated apiary.

apiary bg

and Maggie Howarth’s wonderful pebble mosaics will be there as well..

MH mosaic detail

I have been wondering about a bee mosaic here at the Ugly Bungalow….. another lovely project to dream about!

Do come along on Sunday if you are in the area. It’s all for a good cause too!

Yewbarrow House

National Gardens Scheme
Hampsfell Road, Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, LA11 6BE
Opening dates and times: Sundays 5 Aug 2 Sept (11-4)
Admission:Adm £4, chd free

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Blogger Diana Studer said...

I saw that bee mosaic in 2009!

1 August 2012 at 23:10  
Anonymous J levine said...

The bee design looks great. I would love to have this a tile for my Pool. Thanks for sharing. :)

13 August 2012 at 17:50  

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