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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Marty’s Honey Bee and a Goldenrod stem.

Marty contacted me a while ago to very kindly ask if I could paint her a honey bee to use on her website and her publicity for Beezations her “growing apiary of treatment-free hives at the edge of the Catskills in upstate New York”.

Marty’s hives are ruled by a variety of lovely Queen bees.. Queen Camilla is a mild Italian…..Queen Marianne II is a feisty Russian with great genes from a Pennsylvania apiary….Queen Eleanor is a Carniolan mix who was bred at an apiary in Brewster, NY and Queen Kate II is the daughter of an Italian queen who was overthrown by her subjects in the spring of 2011…..” and more.

She sells shares in her hives and will reward the shareholders with gorgeous honey from their hard working bees.. A lovely idea!

I sent her a couple of thumbnail roughs which feature either a Goldenrod or a New England Aster.. and of course a bee.

bee on goldenrod bee with aster

The general feeling, via her blog and facebook votes was; the curve of the goldenrod stem and the hovering bee! My thoughts too. It will make a versatile image for use on all of his products. Maybe labels, cards, publicity etc etc.

So the next stage is the, almost, final rough.. I will tweek it a bit more for the final painting but it’s one I am looking forward to.

b and goldenrod

I have been out in the garden again, this time giving the shed a bit of TLC. Dave my good neighbour, who is going to help with re-roofing said shed, tells me it is a summerhouse. He is a man of optimism and some imagination.


Jarnie Godwin said...

This is a cute and effective little piece with oodles of style. I am sure Marty, (and his bees)will be delighted with the finished result.

moonsword said...

It's a pleasing composition...I'd love to see how the painting turns out.
It's nice that you have friendly helpful neighbors. I bet that summerhouse holds fascinating memories and stories. Here's to finding more hidden treasures at your new home...especially as the seasons unfold.