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Friday, 4 November 2011

Snail Shell Bees Step 2: Ginger and Black

The second stage of the Snail Shell Bees was the female. Female Osmia bicolours are very striking bees. I saw one in the summer at Heligan. Her ginger and black colouring is very beautiful.

The first sketch

osmia bicolour female s 

Then I curved her over more for a more dynamic pose and inclined her head a little, to look more at us.


Slowly building up…


She like most bees is larger than the male and he is not so colourful.

I take the protective coverings away to see where I am with them both and  begin to roughly and lightly sketch in the foliage. It’s fine to do this as long as it’s lightly and with a soft pencil. It can all be erased later.  I know the photos are not brilliant but I can’t use a flash because it bleaches everything out.

m and f

Still fairly clean.. end of day two. 


Ruth said...

Love the movement you have created in the bee, its a wonderful drawing. :)

sharp green pencil said...

Thank you Ruth. I really REALLY like this female bee. I am not sure why. Some work better than others and I know I will be rather sad to let her go!