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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Easton Sketches

Since March, when I have had a free day I have visited Easton, to look for bees and to sketch. It is the most beautiful place where architectural remains blend with magnificent trees, and structured planting is softened by informal swathes of wild flowers. I have made a few sketches which I will be posting over the next few days

These first ones were done early in the year when the trees were still bare.

sweet pea sticks 2 

Neat tied sticks ready for the twining sweet peas, for which Easton is well known.


The stone wheatsheaf which is the crest of the Gardens can be found  in various locations. This one is above the door of one of the store buildings built into the walls of the big walled Garden.

bird on parapet

This is the decorative top to the wall of the out buildings in the main garden.  Below it the early plum trees are now setting fruit! There was a little robin on the top, his red breast has got a bit bleached out in the scanning..

More tomorrow….

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