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Friday, 9 July 2010

Crotons revisited

Yesterday I went to Leu Gardens to look for crotons. I need to re-acquaint myself with these fascinating plants for a commissioned painting for my good friend Jeff. The severely cold weather we had over the winter certainly damaged some of the plants quite badly and I read that Orlando is about as far north as outdoor crotons like to be. In the sheltered areas they had survived quite well and there were enough for me to find some interesting leaves.

I am ambivalent about crotons.They are strange plants. Sometimes they just look too much of a muddle of colours for me but, as I wrote before, the individual leaves are wonderful. Their variety of shape and colour are seemingly endless.

Anyway more about crotons later, but for now just some prelim sketches. One lovely curling leaf from “Mammy”or “Mamey” and three little “Mother and Daughter” leaves which I could not resist. They are from a plant at Leu which seems to be completely schizophrenic, having so many different leaf shapes and colours that it can’t seem to decide quite what it is ..

croton pencil croton colour sketches

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