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24 Bees in my Luggage

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Tuesday 1 June 2010

24 Bees in my Luggage

Phew! A week without internet access and no mobile phone coverage is a long time but the bees and I arrived in the UK safely. The framing is done, the work at the Gallery is almost finished and soon I can go and enjoy some of London, meet some old friends and  leave the bees to speak for themselves. 

It was quite hard to leave them there, having taken such care of them for so many weeks. No one else will know them quite as well as I do, but I hope people who happen by the Gallery will find them both interesting and endearing and will see Bees in a new and more affectionate light.

Meanwhile, I am staying in student accommodation in London which is quite interesting!


Blogger Marcia said...

I have been thinking about you and your bees today - I am sure they will go down a treat, just wish i could be there !! Good luck my friend, enjoy the students. !

1 June 2010 at 11:52  
Blogger Africa Gomez said...

All the best with the exhibition! Have a great time in the UK. I wish I could attend!

1 June 2010 at 23:41  
Anonymous greenman said...

It was very nice to meet you in London and see all your bees.
The bees are fantastic!
You are a great artist!
My bee arrived in Portugal safe and sound and it's now in my living room.
I'll take good care of her!
Thank You!

2 June 2010 at 22:07  
Blogger Roasted Garlicious said...

Much much good luck to you.. will you be able to take photos of them in the gallery? would love to see!!

3 June 2010 at 05:01  
Blogger sharp green pencil said...

Thank you all so much for your best wishes. as I said the bees are on their own now. yes hopefully some photos.. soon

3 June 2010 at 18:30  
Blogger Unknown said...

I am so excited for your exhibition, Val...glad you had a great trip and I'm even more excited to see that your bees are going to other countries without you (Portugal, Canada). Very proud and happy for you. And the bees. :-)

6 June 2010 at 14:12  
Blogger gt43 said...

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our visit to the Bee exhibition last Friday - !

Anyone planning a visit could do a lot worse than to follow it up with a visit to St George's gardens, just a few moments' walk away off Marchmont street. We saw a stunning variety of bees on the cranesbill geraniums there, including lots of honeybees, several kinds of bumbles, andrenas, coelioxys ... more than I see in my suburban garden!

Thanks again, Val, for an unforgettable exhibition - the highlight of our day.

7 June 2010 at 15:49  
Blogger sharp green pencil said...

thanks so much Jodi and GT43.. yes bees are traveling!
And re St Georges gardens .. yes indeed! I saw so many there the other day. Its also a lovely place to sit in the sun. I didnt see the coelioxys but a megachile and the hairyfooted flower bee on the now fading comfrey .. fantastic. So very glad you enjoyed the exhibition!

8 June 2010 at 05:27  
Anonymous marianne said...

Hi, Valerie - thanks so much for your lovely blog!! I love what you are doing for the bees and your drawings and paintings are beautiful. I will be spending many happy hours reading your interesting posts. Thank you for sharing all that you do. Best regards, Marianne (Victoria BC Canada)

28 June 2010 at 17:52  
Blogger sharp green pencil said...

Hi Marianne.. Sorry for a very late reply to your very kind comment. I hope you enjoy the posts. I am getting back to the blog thus week and lots more bee stuff to come!

18 July 2010 at 12:05  

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