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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Feedburner! support or sabotage?

Well… how very kind it was of Feedburner to send out an old post for me yesterday. It did it all on its own, clever thing.

Was I being chastised for lack of production or is some artificial intelligence tuning in to my impending show and slipping in a quick post to fill a gap and do a bit of techie promotion?

I am trying to take it in the sprit it could have been offered (if computers had a heart) and console myself with the immortal words that “if something is worth saying it’s worth saying twice”..so if you got the lovely Bombus hortorum yesterday, no you haven’t lost you mind and neither have I, it was February’s post.

So apologies to bee weary email readers.. you are probably so dazed by the succession of bees that one is looking very much like another anyway,  not long …not long.. flowers soon,  flowers soon!


Diana Studer said...

Your bee portraits are wonderful. Especially since you've taken to pencilling in the right plant, to bring it all to glorious life.

sharp green pencil said...

Hi there EE. lovely to hear from you again in hopefully sunny SA.. and thank you for calling them portraits. It's exactly what they are, sometimes warts and all :)