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Monday, 15 February 2010

The Paper Wasp Makes it to Miami University .. Floria’s poster..

I was delighted when biologist Floria Mora asked if she could use the wasp drawing from Mischocyttarus Mexicanus Cubicola… Magnifico!" as an illustration for her final dissertation poster. Floria is a doctoral candidate at the University of Miami, studying the behavioral ecology of this beautiful wasp. Super poster and best of luck with the dissertation Floria..
My paper wasps seem to have become less numerous recently but I have just been out this morning to tell my little models of their forthcoming stellar appearance in the dizzying circles of Miami University’s research elite .. they said “Thanks, that’s nice but ask Floria if she can can warm the weather up a bit.”

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For a larger version of this poster see here. This post now falls under the new category of “trumpet blowing” :)

wasp poster


Nichole Campbell said...

Go for it! Glad to hear I'm not the only one out there lost in the Twitter jungle! I know it's good for business, so why does it seem so silly?

Dan said...

That's brilliant! Your paper wasps will be famous in the halls of academia. Well done!
Here's a blog post you might be interested in - http://printedmaterial.blogspot.com/2010/02/lets-hear-it-for-shrill-carder-bee.html
Seems our bumblebees in Blighty are finally getting a bit of money spent on them! Best not tell your wasps, they might start demanding fees for posing for you to spend on a gas heater.
best wishes and well done!

Dan said...

Oh no, sorry, I just realised it's the same project you were talking about below!
It's such a shame about the Shrill Carder Bee though. I guess many species of Bee are in decline?

Marcia said...

What a beautiful blog Val, I am so pleased I have found it ! I love all bees and bumblebees and am thinking of starting a NZ blog about bumble bees here - if you pop into my blog you will see an entry on bumble bees being sent back to the UK - full circle !

sharp green pencil said...

Thanks so much all.
N:I am still not convinced that Twitter is my friend!..

Dan: am looking into the possibility of painting a shrill carder bee.

Marcia: I can't get through to your blog! do, do send me a link!! I have read about the re-introduction of the bee.