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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Drawing Bumble Bees

No 1 bee of the 16 bees will be a Bumble Bee. However, deciding how to draw a Bumble Bee is not as simple as it might seem. If you draw them from the top to show the lovely markings you will not see their heads or tails because, they, more than any other bees, have a very curved shape. Seen from the side you will see just how long their bodies are, and see more of the head. They also have big long legs!

What to do? Well as I am planning to include 4 bumble bees in the set, I will paint a mixture of views, having looked at each and thought about their best feature. In some I will have to sacrifice the head for the pattern, its a hard choice.

But firstly some more studies, to try to understand more about bee anatomy.

drawings sm 2

drawings sm1 drawings sm3

Then some general sketches which are done from the little bee I brought back from the UK and some photographic references.

bee sketches sm

Tomorrow some more studies of my bee, which is Bombus hortorum the Garden Bumble Bee.


John said...

This is such fascinating work, Val. You are truly becoming one with your subject.

Welcome back! :-)

Judy Butler said...

I have followed your blog for almost a year but had not visited in several weeks. I have spent the last 40 minutes reading your posts about bees, about fathers, and about life. Your writing rivals your drawing in style and beauty. You have so captured the struggles of obligation and desire, the tug-of-war between between restlessness and routine, and the our relentless battle with figuring out the right thing to do. So pleased you have been able to put into words what so many of us face and are unable to express so eloquently. Judy

James Missier said...

Hi, Just visiting from Blotanical.
You must truly be a bee lover..
so many beautiful sketches & pictures of bees.
If a bee sees you - it will definitely call you:

sharp green pencil said...

Thank you all so much. I have replied to you individually. The bees are proving to be so interesting, the research alone could keep me busy for years.
James, Great minds think alike. I have designed a card called "beeloved"! Will send you a copy!