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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Leaf of the Day: View from the Provision Tree

I have spent all day framing, re framing, mount cutting, finger cutting, stringing, assembling, re touching, varnishing, labelling, price listing and all the other last minute panicky things that go along with an exhibition. I also wanted one more sketch as I realised I had nothing at all of the lovely old Leu House.

This sketch is the view of the House from the Provision Tree. This wonderful tree is tucked away at the side of the lawn which sweeps down from the old Leu House towards the lake. Ever since I found it, months ago now, I go back to see if it is doing anything. It isn't. It does have nice plain leaves but I know it will, at some time, have wonderful flowers followed by equally wonderful fruit .. but I will have to wait ..it's frustrating.

The view up to the Old House is framed by oaks and one tall palm. These lower lawns are a lovely tranquil place where few people venture. I look back up at the house and wonder about the families who lived there, those who enjoyed the beautiful views to the lake, watched the squirrels and the lizards; heard the woodpeckers, the red cardinals, the jays and the mockingbirds; saw the sun go down from the balcony accompanied by the rustling of leaves and the swaying of wind blown Spanish moss.

Tomorrow is exhibition hanging day.. I hope to have some photos.

View of Leu House from the Provision Tree


Flaurella said...

LOVE it!! Looks like ny house! Will see if I have a picture that will prove it. How large is your watercolor? Email me at Eclectica if you don't my addy handy. (hate to post my personal address online)

Anonymous said...

Hi Val, I wish you the best of luck with tomorrows start of your exhibiton! I´m sure it´ll be a success, dear. Abrazos y besos, Veronica

sharp green pencil said...

Thanks both,
Laurel, well I am envious of your house :) email on way
Veronica, amiga mia.. mil gracias! Hope Spring has reached Denmark.