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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

....also some blog-recycling Art Biz, with Alyson B Stanfield

If you are in the art business in any way there is a blog which is really useful. Alyson B Stanfield's excellent "Art Biz Blog" here. I have been a subscriber now for about 2 years and read it when I can. It's packed with great suggestions, tips, incentives, podcasts, courses and encouragement to coax that shy retiring artist out of its shell and into the uncertain internet world. I was so delighted with the enthusiasm for the format of my exhibition ( i.e. having the text too) that I wrote and asked if her readers might be interested. She asked me to make a guest post and today it is up there. I am delighted and I really like the "recycling" header!
It's definitely recycling for my regular readers who have already followed the words and the work but here it is.

"Recycle those blog posts into art exhibit labels"

Thank you so much Alyson and already, judging by the comments, I think a few artists have found it helpful.....


Anonymous said...

Found you via Art Biz. The blog posts as tag are a wonderful idea. For curious people you've really added value to your already exquisite work! Thank you for sharing with us!

sharp green pencil said...

Thanks so much, you are very kind, Alyson's blog is so brilliant. I should put more of her advice into practice..There never seems quite enough time. !

Alyson B. Stanfield said...

Val, it seemed like such a simple thing to use blog posts in an exhibit, but you really opened up some eyes. People are loving this idea!