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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Leaf of the Day: More Soapberry..

I am filling in the gaps for the show and needed another small soapberry painting. I think I am now cornering the market in Soapberry drawings. But I love this little tree so much. At the moment it is quietly poised for new growth but around the base of the tree are many tiny pretty seedlings. For more information about the wonderful soapberry, with which you can make jewellery, poison fish and wash your clothes, see my earlier posts here.

Recently I made these drawings for my good friend John, who in return will be drilling, polishing and stringing me some soapberries in a really professional way. Bartering drawings for beads; excellent! I will post the results on the blog. I am so delighted, I know they will look wonderful. I have tried to drill them myself with limited success and much bad language. They are very hard. No wonder they are called black pearls.

A trio of the seeds..

A delicate little seedling, and a tiny watercolour which I had done some time ago in the summer.

John also keeps a blog with wonderful photographs and observations called "Nunketest" recording the flora fauna and history of the Lake Nippennicket area. "Nunketest", from the Wampanoag Native American word meaning "Lake of the Red Waters". I tune in often to learn about more northern wildlife and to remind myself what snow looks like. :)

The Soapberry again..

The new drawing.

Framed up with its companions


Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to seeing those soapberries polished - I think they will look very pretty

David The Good said...

Very nice work. Beautiful.

John said...

Thank you, Val.

Your work here on the blog is so wonderful. Having it in hand is absolutely stunning!

All the best,

-- John

sharp green pencil said...

Thankyou all..and I am so delighted that you are pleased with the drawings John.
Daavid thankyou too. nice of you to drop by the blog.
PG.. I too am so excited about the beads!! blog post soon...

Mary Sharpe said...

I think there will be lots of us waiting to see the beads. Drilling anything small and round must be a challenge.

Love the new drawing. It too is very delicate.