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Monday, 30 March 2009

Leaf of the Day: Busy Bees, Big Paintings and Blog Interview

Me and the bees have been very busy this weekend. I have been working on the big paintings and the bees have just been working. I think the bees are making more progress.

I have taken a few photos recently where the bees are slightly better than just a blur.

Here, approaching the Toothache Tree.

Here, with Lemon Blossom.

Here, on a Banana flower.

Here, high in the sky, with the strange Grevillia flower, which I would love to draw but all are way out of normal human reach.

Here with the Lemon Bottle Brush...where the mocking birds were also helping themselves to the nectar.

Here approaching the stunning, huge Shaving Brush Flower, which I will hopefully paint as one of my white flower series, all those stamens are a bit daunting though.

and lastly on the Sweet Almond..


A big thank you to Karrita at mymothersgardens.blogspot.com who was also busy getting my images onto blogger. She was kind enough to ask for a short online interview for her interesting series "Artists in the Garden", which you can read here.
I was delighted to oblige.

I have been wrestling all weekend with the big tree pattern paintings which have taken on lives of their own (as paintings often do). They are not really as I had planned and were not as simple as I had hoped. The twisting live oak branches are just about finished and the lone pine three quarters finished. Just before I had to stop for the night I added some lightning. The paintings really reflect my experiences of my time here, what I have noticed and what makes an impression on me. The summer storms are spectacular and something I will always remember. Although the paintings are not finished I put them on the wall to get away from them both physically and mentally for a while, but with only a week to go to the exhibition and much to do, they may just stay there.

Two Trees


Kerri said...

Your tree paintings are amazing.
I watched a bee on the newly opened crocus blossoms during our 72ºF weather on Saturday. It's so good to seen them again...both bees and crocuses.
I've always loved the Grevillia flowers. Growing up in Australia they were everywhere..being natives, of course. I'd love to see your drawings of them. Couldn't you crop a photo to bring the flower closer for detail?
Happy painting!

grønnblyant said...

You create beautiful drawings and paintings and a beatuiful (and educating and inspiring) blog! Thanks from snowy Norway.

John said...

Great photos, Val. My fav is the Banana Flower.

That was a wonderful interview.

sharp green pencil said...

Thank you all!

Kerri.. I would love to just get a bunch of the Grevillia flowers in my hand. They have quite a complicated structure and are so exotic. I drew the pods last year. and they are so delightful. They look like pixie hats.

Gronnblyant.. welcome from snowy Norway to steamy Florida! Thankyou for your very kind words..

John.. I am glad you like the banana flower.I have yet to draw one but they are on the list.