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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Leaf of the Day: The K word..slow progress..

I redrew the Kohlrabi today and put a light wash over it and, as I now have a "spare" drawing, I decided to use it for some painting practice before committing myself to the real thing. There are many things I still don't really understand about this type of work. I have said before that learning from books is so difficult and this is a major drawback of the course. One hour with a top class botanical painter would answer many of my questions. I still don't know how thick to have the paint or how wet to have the paper etc etc. I am not used to working on smooth paper and the paint seems to sit on the top of the surface which is giving me a headache when building up dark tones, maybe I need to change the paper. ...so it's trial and error...
I have however come to one very important conclusion. To be a really first class botanical painter you need to be very methodical and very patient. I am not and think I am too set in my ways and bad habits to change. I cannot imagine pursuing this very detailed type of work as a career but I may combine a bit of my own looser style with some detail to create something different. There is room for some experimentation. However I will persevere with this.. but TGIF..

Leaf Trials and First Wash

Kohlrabi Leaf Trials ...

First colour wash for Kohlrabi, 16 x 12" watercolour on Fabriano HP


Mary Sharpe said...

I expect you have already explained but . . . but why are you practising painting when you are already such a brilliant and accomplished draw-er of plants?

Mary Sharpe

sharp green pencil said...

Mary you are too kind.. Saturdays post (via Hokusai) may explain the relentless pusuit of the elusive art of art..