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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Leaf of the Day: A New Leaf..Branching Out...and a Miami Belle

I will be sparing with the puns, but I do paint and draw other things apart from the strange and wonderful flora of Florida, and as Hurricane Fay has become a miserable wet and depressing blanket of rain and cloud I am confined to quarters, so it was a good opportunity to knuckle down to some blog work and photo sorting... Yawn.

I have drawn and painted the animal world for as long as I can remember and, as a break from the relentless demands of the botanicals, I decided to return to a old love, drawing dogs, and other occasional animal life.

So here is an introduction to my "Drawing the Dog" blog, which I will update occasionally as the fancy takes me, starting off with my trio of old friends, Jessie my whippet lurcher, Charlie the big bad deerhound lurcher and Jenny my ex race horse, my little rocking horse on speed. They were all official rejects who shared my life for quite a few years, all long gone now but very fondly remembered. I miss then all, but travelling does not encourage pets, books or a garden and I have given up all three for life on the road. ( Well only a couple of stops around the world to be honest.)
I am resisting the temptation to do a daily "Dog of the Day" but I do hope to make some regular postings. I am meeting some great dogs here.
If you are interested go to http://www.drawingthedog.blogspot.com/
where, over the next few days you will find some interesting characters, including Skipper the tennis lover, Roxy the Doxy and more to come. Meanwhile I will leave you today with Marbella Princess. This painting was done last year before I left Spain. It was inspired by a tiny white fluffy dog I saw sitting alone in a big black shiny car in San Pedro, resplendent with a pink bow and a superior attitude. Irresistibly cute. However in a tribute to Florida she is going to be officially renamed Miami Belle ...que chicitita .. no?

Dog of the Day : Miami Belle

Watercolour on paper . 30 x 22 inches


Eric Bronson said...

You never cease to amaze me Val! I'll be checking out your dog blog regularly too.


sharp green pencil said...

Thankyou Eric..it will be a bit sporadic I think but a nice break from plants!