"There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion" Francis Bacon 1561-1626

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Leaf of the Day: Pomegranate 2

Today having survived flood, plague and pestilence I have returned to the baby pomegranate. It is only 2 inches long
The Egyptians as in many things were quick to see the beauty and design possibilities of its attractive shape.

This beautiful necklace from 520 BC depicts the goddess Sekhemt the lioness headed deity, the beads are cowrie shaped with a tiny pomegranate bead at the top.

In this famous tomb painting at Ipuy, a gardener is raising water with a shaduf, and behind him is painted a lovely little pomegranate tree in flower.

There are many many other examples of the pomegranates use in design. I am sure I will be painting these beautiful and mysterious fruit again and will be posting some more images.

I am trying to be more thorough with the drawings now and made a colour note study yesterday before making a more finished painting today, but , by the time I came to draw it again, it had lost a leaf, the colour had started to fade.. you have to be quick.

Pomegranate 2

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