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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Leaf of the Day: Elephant's Ears

I bought this beautiful elephant's ear plant a week ago and this is probably the smallest leaf on the whole plant. It's very handsome, dark green with pronounced white veins. I think this is alocasia amazonia but there are many different varieties and sizes. It is native to the swampy tropical areas of South-East Asia and in a favourable spot can grow huge leaves on 3 meter long stems. I am hoping this one will survive in our flat long enough at least for me to make some good drawings.
I spent most of the day out and about and have joined Winter Park Library, an excellent library, which is within cycling distance for me. They have a good section of reference books so, at last, I can identify some of the trees and flowers I see around me. I have had a seed pod now for 3 weeks, unidenfitied and therefore undrawn. I carefully went though every book on trees and plants in the bookshop across the road and spent hours trawling the internet to no avail. Thank goodness I have found out what it is... it tomorrow's drawing.

Alocadia or Elephant's Ear

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