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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Leaves of the day: Shape charts

After 2 weeks of daily drawings of leaves, I have made a couple of charts. There is a whole new fascinating language to learn when you are trying to describe plants, even just leaves! Try,'runcinate', 'lyrate', 'reniform', and 'obcordate' just for starters. The simple shapes presented a good opportunity to add some colour as a sort of "greens" colour chart. They are mostly prepared greens, Winsor and Newton or Daler Rowney, with some beautiful Sennelier colours too. Its such good practice to make colour charts. Only through repeated use you will eventually recognise colours and be able to match colours and mix correctly. Its also very therapeutic activity... hours have drifted by today. As displacement activities go this is definitely more productive than mall wandering.

Shape and Colour charts

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