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Friday, 4 January 2008

Leaf of the Day: Another oak.. but which ?

This is from a little treelet that is growing hidden behind the aircon outlet just by the steps which I fell down at New Year. It's small, only maybe 4ft high so I am not sure if its leaves are really representative of the full grown tree. They are a very rich green and leathery with very sharp points. I am sure it is an oak. I have tried to identify it but it could be one of many. I am thinking it might be a White Oak. Any help gratefully received.

The White Oak


jms said...

I plan to get back into sketching and just discovered your blog. Lovely stuff!

The main difference between red and white oaks is the shape of the lobes: reds are pointed and whites are rounded. These look like reds to me. A link with some examples:

I look forward to exploring the rest of your blog!

sharp green pencil said...

Well Hi there jain..thankyou very much for your comment and help.. some of the oaks are so similar. I will check back and can correct this post if could only remember where I got these from!